Who We Are

We know where we want to be. We know how to get there. And we’ll provide the support you need to help us reach our goals as part of a unique and changing business. There’s a real buzz about what we can achieve. So, no matter which role you join us in, you could be a big part of that – by helping to provide the very best financial services to your community.

Of course, we couldn’t say another word without mentioning our values and ethics. In fact, you can’t go far at all at The Co‑operative Bank without hearing about them. Nor living them in everything you do here. They really are more than words on shiny posters around our offices, Contact Centres and branch network. They’re the very fabric of who we are. Not one decision is made without looking at it through our ethical lens. And those lenses aren’t rose-tinted. We know that doing the right thing is a real challenge. But it’s one we thrive on.

We’ve a long history of banking – over 145 years, in fact. Over that time, we’ve developed quality products and services. We’ve won lots of awards. And we’ve shaped a vision that will see every one of us achieve even more great things across the UK.