Remi Jeffers

Customer Services Team Leader                    


Team Leaders are given the chance to become ‘champions’ in an area that interests them and have time set aside from our ‘day job’ to do the best we can. For me, it’s charity. Most of my time as a champion goes to a local food bank. It’s incredibly rewarding and I want us to help in any way we can – from organising who’s going that week to pack parcels and organise stock rooms, to supporting a sanitary drive for young girls. That really hit home, as it’s something most women take for granted. Some people have financial difficulties, so we help with that too – which is a great opportunity to use our skills. 


Everyone at The Co‑operative Bank gets two days off a year for charity, so we make the most of it! It helps you make a bigger impact on the local area. It makes me feel good that my employer lets us do that and it’s amazing knowing we can make a real difference.