Meg Goswami

Outcome Testing Analyst – Assurance, Risk and Control


The bank supports charities we feel strongly about. For example, I had a friend in hospital and the bank matched the funds we raised for the unit. We did lots – like an Indian charity night, a colleague’s friend knitted, someone’s mum even cooked! So it’s about our families as well. We raised around £4,500, and I was even invited to St James Palace to meet Princess Alexandra. On my own I couldn’t have done anything like that. The bank supported me. It was a real privilege. She asked what I did, and it was a really proud moment to be associated with the bank. We really do see the ethics and values in action. 


It’s the most friendly, Co‑operative place. I say that with much pride, and it makes me come to work every day. It’s a warm place with an inclusive culture – I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to work. My colleagues are like my family.