Andrew Stavordale

IT Project Manager                                


It’s hard to describe what makes The Co‑operative Bank so special. Although for starters, I’d have to say the people. It’s friendly. It’s local. The work suits me. And ultimately, it’s what I’m good at. There’s a niche for me here that feels right. I fit the organisation, and it fits me. I feel I’ve gained a lot of respect, and in turn, I respect and believe in the ethics and values of the bank. I was even lucky enough to win our ‘Living the Values’ award. 


People. That’s why I’m still here, after all these years. You develop great relationships. I can work anywhere in the world, but it’s all about who I’m doing it with and for. You just can’t buy those relationships off the shelf. You develop and grow them. And you’re not discouraged from going off and having a coffee together. Because it’s not just working time, it’s people time.