Our People

Whether you join us in branch, head office or one of our Contact Centres, one thing you can be sure of at The Co‑operative Bank is that we all work together. We’re one team. With one goal in mind – to do what’s right for each customer and every colleague.

That’s what makes us different.

To show you how this works every day, we’ve put together a story. A story about Mark and Claire. They're first time buyers. They've come to us for help to secure a mortgage for a house they've fallen in love with.

We hope to give you an idea of how each and every query that comes our way involves people from all areas of our Bank. It’s a story you could be a part of too.

  1. Branch

    Great news – Mark and Claire are engaged! And they’ve decided the time is right to take the next step and buy their first home together. But not just any home – their dream home. One they can bring up a family in. The thing is, they don’t really know where to start when it comes to mortgages. So, they head to their local Co-operative Bank branch to ask for some help.

  2. Emma

    Customer Adviser

    It’s my job to welcome people into branch, give them advice and point them in the right direction. Whether they’re looking for help with business accounts, personal accounts, student accounts or anything else in between, I’ll give them the support and personal service they need.

    So, if someone comes in and asks about a mortgage, my first step is to get a better understanding of what they’re looking for and then book them an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser.

    I actually started my career here in one of our contact centres – but I wanted to progress and be in more of a customer facing role. So it was great when the Bank gave me the opportunity to move around and develop my skills elsewhere. They’re always looking to promote from within. Which is why the next step for me is to become a Branch Manager. The support’s there and the opportunities are there – it all depends how far you want to go.

  3. Contact Centre

    When they get back home from the branch, the happy couple decide to give The Co-operative Bank a call. They’re interested in what they have to offer in the way of mortgages – and so they arrange a call with a Mortgage Adviser.

  4. Gareth

    Contact Centre Mortgage Advisor

    When a new customer calls me, it’s my job to help them through the process – whatever they need, whatever level of knowledge they’ve got. Up until fairly recently, you couldn’t actually give out mortgage advice over the phone, so it’s brilliant now that we can. It’s about giving customers more options than they’ve had before, which is what we’re all about.

    It’s my job to build relationships with people over the phone and guide them through the mortgage process. I need to get an understanding of what it is they want, find out if they’re eligible, and then advise on the mortgage that’s right for them. It’s a very fast turnaround, which is great for everyone – and it’s only going to get faster.

    What I love about working here is the culture. Not just the environment in the office – where there’s a lot of support, it’s open and you can literally ask anybody anything – but in terms of the way we look after our customers. It isn’t a cut and thrust environment – it’s a nice, friendly place to work.

    You’ve got to work hard, yes, but it’s all about doing what’s right. And that fits with my values too.

  5. Digital

    After their call with Gareth in the contact centre, Claire decides to do a bit of her own research online. She heads to The Co-operative Bank website to find out as much as she possibly can on rates, dates, locations and average time scales. This is all made possible by our talented Digital team.

  6. Andy

    Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

    Digital media is such a big part of everybody’s lives. So it’s important we use the media that our customers use – from Twitter to Google. With our website, we have to make sure the information we present is clear, easy to use and that the overall experience is the best it can be.

    For me, I work hard to keep our online presence up to date across all devices. The changes in technology never stop – that’s what I love about it, the fact there’s always something new to sink your teeth into!

    There’s no such thing as an average day, but at the moment, my focus is on driving traffic to the website through paid media and affiliate advertising. Then, once our customers are on the site – whether they’re looking for mortgages or student accounts – it’s my job to look at how we engage with them and keep on making improvements to that.

    We really are a digital first business now. That’s opening up all sorts of opportunities to test out new things – from really clever online targeting and tag management to new video content. I have a feeling that’ll be big for the Bank – so I guess all I can say is stay tuned!

  7. Mortgage Adviser

    After some more research and a follow up call with Gareth – Mark and Claire decide they want a face-to-face meeting with a mortgage adviser in branch. So, they set up an appointment with Matt, who’s there to answer any questions they have to ask.

  8. Matt

    Mortgage Adviser

    Before any appointment I have, I’ll always talk with the customer on the phone first. That way, we can start to build our relationship, which is two-way, before we even meet. That’s what makes working here (and getting a mortgage here) so different to anywhere else I’ve worked. It’s in no way target driven – it really is about doing what’s best for the customer.

    My job is to build authentic, open and honest relationships with people. Only then can I recommend the best mortgages and be there to support customers at every stage of the journey.

    What I love about being here is that I’m driven and very ambitious – and The Co-operative Bank matches my ambition. When I joined, I was a cashier. The Bank then supported me through my qualifications, gave me loads of support and helped me to make my way up to become a Mortgage Adviser – which I love – and I can’t wait to go even further! 

  9. Risk

    While Mark and Claire are starting to think about bedroom furniture and where the television’s going to sit, our Risk team are busy working behind the scenes. It’s their job to make sure everything stays on track, make recommendations to improve things and always do what’s right for both the customer and the Bank.

  10. Nikki

    Senior Regulatory Consultant

    While I’m not customer-facing, customers really are at the heart of everything we do in Risk. I work in Regulatory and Conduct Risk, so it’s my job to ensure the customer voice is represented and that the business is challenged to drive better outcomes for the customer.

    When it comes to mortgages, ultimately, we need to make sure they’re done properly – from following the most up to date regulatory guidelines to making sure the customer experience is second to none. And when new regulations come into force, it’s my job to analyse them and feed them through to the business.

    Things are changing all the time in this industry, and it’s me who needs to keep the Bank on top of that. I can help influence things – for the business, the industry and, above all, our customers – I love that!

  11. Finance

    Finally, there’s Finance. They’ve been involved right the way through the process – even if they never actually meet Mark and Claire. Their job is to make sure all the different business areas can function as they need to – at the best possible value for everybody in the process.

  12. Kay

    Optimum Finance Business Partner

    I look after a portfolio of around 60,000 mortgage accounts – all from a finance perspective. I need to look at how the Bank is being supported to make money – and then work out what we need to do with that money to best support our customers, and our colleagues.

    That means keeping a sharp eye on market conditions, forecasting changes and making sure we’re prepared for the months ahead. It’s about understanding what’s happening – customers, the business and the market – and then acting on that. So my involvement covers the whole business – I get to work with every function, and that’s a really exciting position to be in.

    What I love about it is the fact there’s lots of autonomy. And your ideas are listened to. For that reason, you really feel like you’re part of the business. I wouldn’t say there’s a ‘family’ feel or anything, but you certainly don’t feel like a small cog in a massive corporate machine. You feel valued, listened to and, for me, the best part is that I get to see – and influence – how the whole Bank works. I thrive on that. We’re going places and I like to think I’m helping to make that happen.