Community Work

We’re incredibly proud of our financial products and first-class customer service. However, we’re also leading the way when it comes to social and community-led initiatives.

We’ve always had a purpose beyond profit. It isn’t just about complying with the law and having an equal opportunities policy in place; it’s about being fair and socially responsible in everything we do – for our customers, our communities and our people.

That’s why we can offer you a firm belief in doing what’s right in a place where you can feel genuinely proud to work.

Join us and you’ll even get a say in what charity and socially responsible work we get involved in – and the chance to take part too, of course. In fact, here are a few projects our people have been busy working on over the past few years:

The Honey Bee Project

Helping all species of bee is a cause close to our heart, and we've followed this project's progress closely since it was set up in September 2012.

Based on a plot of former wasteland in Formby, The Honey Bee Project's main aim is to help people learn about, and play a part in halting, the alarming decline in the UK's bee population, which does so much to pollinate the nation's wild plants.

Through The Co‑operative's membership Community Fund, the project received start-up grants that funded the clearance of the site and the building of the apiary fencing, the hives and the wild flower area.

In the short time the project's been active, its volunteers have created a place where bees and wildflowers can thrive. Over the longer term, they hope to develop bee-themed workshops that offer visitors a true 'hands on’ experience of conservation at work. 


Gardening at the Royal Oak Community Centre

Our long acquaintance with the Royal Oak Community Centre, in Wythenshaw, is a good example of our deeply-felt commitment to the community ethic.

The Royal Oak Community Centre runs activities aimed at supporting vulnerable people in the community who need some extra help. Gardening is known to be a particularly valuable tool in the recovery of those who've experienced mental distress.

A long-time supporter of the centre, The Co‑operative ran a community challenge whereby a team of staff, over the course of a day, completed the restoration of the raised beds in the centre's garden: replacing the soil, replanting new flowers and weeding the pathways.

It was a show of teamwork as well as of community spirit. The group had to source all the materials themselves, using their skills to negotiate with local suppliers. Without exception, every team member felt it was great knowing they had given something back. 

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