All banks come with an element of risk. But when you consider the sheer scale and pace of our transformation, the new systems we’re putting in place and the innovation we’re coming up with right across the Bank – well, risk professionals are in their element. Our Risk team are involved in every aspect of our Bank. From introducing new technologies to dealing with new and ever-changing regulations, they’re the people who keep our feet on the ground. So, by helping to identify where we want to be in the future and managing any potential risks that might stop us getting there, you’ll help us to become stronger than ever.


In every decision, we always ask if the choice is one our customers would make. And that not only applies to potential risks involved, but crucially, whether it’s the ethical choice too. Because when you’re part of a bank that wants to do the right thing, it adds an even greater layer of complexity. We’ve even turned away £1.4bn of business that didn’t fit with our ethical policy. So when we say that you’ll have access to the Board, real influence and the chance to impact on the way our business is run, we mean it.


With careers ranging from Credit Risk and Treasury Risk to Operational and Enterprise Risk, you could find yourself on projects that include fraud, IT failure or liquidity. So no matter where you join us in Risk, you can be sure that it’ll constantly evolve and offer room to grow.

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