We can’t say that our IT systems are the best. We can’t say our technology is at the cutting edge. We can’t even say our IT processes are leading the way. But what we can shout about is the rare opportunity to drive us towards achieving it all. We’re big thinkers with big ambitions – and investing heavily in the projects and people who’ll get us there. That means plenty of scope to strengthen and build innovation into the IT infrastructure that underpins every aspect of our Bank.

Our customers and colleagues deserve the best. This is why our specialist IT professionals are developing and delivering a huge portfolio of projects that are integral to the future success of our business. It’s their job to safeguard our service, protect it from threats and provide innovative solutions that will overhaul the way we interact with our customers. All as part of an IT team that never stands still. In the past, we’ve won awards for our online banking service. This is your chance to help us recapture that glory. Grow your IT skills. And be part of an exciting new generation of a bank that’s committed to values and ethics.

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