A career in Finance with The Co‑operative Bank opens doors. As we simplify our business, we can offer so much more scope to get involved in all sorts of pieces of work. There have already been big changes in every area of the business, at every level. But that’s not to say all the work’s been done. Supporting every aspect of the Bank, we’ve a long way to go. The untapped potential within Finance is immense – and so are the challenges of realising it. But if you’re a Finance professional who’s inspired by the possibilities of shaping an ethical bank for the future, we can offer great diversity, as well as realistic career progression.

There’s the opportunity to work on high profile, high impact projects, as well as our business as usual activities. And being one of the UK’s most prominent financial services businesses means we can offer a wealth of careers in everything from Financial Control to Tax and Cost Reporting too. Unlike larger banks, we won’t box you into a niche. Whilst we can provide clear career paths and training in specialist technical routes, you’ll also enjoy the freedom to develop your skills across broader areas. Due to the nature of Finance, many of our people join us with a background in accounting, and then develop a specialism based on the opportunities available. The finance world is a constantly evolving one, after all – and you’ll be part of the team who keeps us on top of it.

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