IT and Change Leadership graduate programme

We’re building the UK’s digital ethical bank. This requires people with exceptional potential who want to make a real world difference. 

Everywhere you look – we’re changing and transforming our business. Big thinkers with big ambitions, we’re investing in new tech and a huge portfolio of projects. Working with external partners and internal cross-functional teams, we’re designing, driving and implementing the IT and change projects that will shape the ethical bank of the future.

A leadership role in IT and Change

If you have the drive, passion and ability to be successful in joining us you will have opportunities to lead us on our journey. You will benefit from experiencing a range of rotations through our IT and change functions to find out where you truly excel. You will own your career path and be given support and guidance to emerge from the two year scheme as a leader, equipped for your desired future. From day one, you will be a key part of the Bank, only limited by your own ambition.  You will learn the full life cycle of how we design, deliver and govern critical projects and how we protect ourselves from digital threats.

Fantastic support

There’s much more to this programme than on-the-job experience. We’ll develop you as a person. We’ll expose you to the latest FinTech trends and digital ways of working, challenging you to become an expert in your chosen field. We’ll assign you a mentor, who will support your growth and development.  They will be your guide, led by your own pace and ability to take on new concepts and build skills you don’t even know you need yet. We provide training for globally recognised qualifications to match which path you choose to follow technical expert or future leader.

Are you made of the right stuff?

If you’re passionate about IT and continuous learning, if you have the right attitude and outlook to help others succeed, if you want to work in a truly ethical environment and culture which directs every decision and action you take, and you understand the benefits a diverse team brings, you’ll thrive.

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  • The Graduate community is an excellent way to build relationships across multiple departments within the Bank. I consider the Bank to be a close knit community where it is easy to speak to people from different teams, who are always willing to help. This level of support should not be overlooked and working with like-minded people who want to make a difference was an important factor for joining.

    Nic Tam

  • Working at the Bank can be challenging, but rewarding, and a challenge in which you are well supported. Not only by your leaders, but by all those around you - everybody is eager to work with you, and help you develop. The recruitment process is thorough and stretching, and an excellent opportunity to identify some of your own strengths and weaknesses to put you in a strong position to further develop them as the Grad Scheme progresses. The Co-operative Bank's culture is most evident in its people, its colleagues and its customers – it’s the people that made me want to build a career here.

    Thomas Plant

  • The Co-operative Bank aims to develop and challenge you whilst also giving you a great support network. My second project meant I was in weekly contact with the CEO and the Executive team - you don't get that kind of exposure at some of the larger banks. It was difficult but the support I had really made me feel empowered and it was very rewarding. The first thing I noticed about the Bank is how friendly everyone is; no one is unwilling to help you learn and develop and that really helped me settle in fast. Because of that I felt empowered to use my voice and now some of the contributions I have made are having a positive impact on the Bank.

    Bethany Hardy

  • Our ethical approach to banking is integral to who we are and where we want to go. This is a bank where the ethics and values really do matter in the day-to-day. As tech graduates, we are encouraged to find ways in which the better use of technology can make a positive difference to our customers' and colleagues' lives. In terms of technology, this is an incredibly interesting and important time for the Bank as we look to enact an ambitious digital strategy. This means that the Bank can offer graduates an unparalleled experience that will be difficult to find elsewhere in the industry. The major tech programmes I have been able to play a part in have been instrumental in my development since joining.

    Curtis James